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Healthy Food Blog: 3 Reasons To Get Expert Advice

Get an expert in health and healthy food to help you write your next healthy food blog article. Who better than a registered dietitian for expert advice?

Healthy Food Blog

Who better to help you write a blog article about health and healthy food than a registered dietitian with twenty two years in the business of guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle? 

Dietitians Are Healthy Food Experts

With a solid background in health and nutrition, and the experience of consulting with thousands of people, I have some real world insights into what people want and need when it comes to their health goals. I have given the same nutrition advice to countless people on numerous platforms. In doing so, I have perfected the art of taking a complicated health issue and translating it into information that everyone can understand.

My reason for living is talking about food; every aspect of it! The good, the bad and everything in between. As a dietitian, my primary focus is eating for optimal health. But, if the topic is related to food, I am there! 

I have endless curiosity when it comes to tasting food from cuisines around the world. I have to admit, though, that I am a bit of a fast food snob. Eating deep fried food that is not served with a single vegetable freaks me out a bit. (I guess that’s the dietitian in me wanting to eat mostly healthy food!) 

I want to know what makes some foods a superfood. Why are they so special and is all the fuss worth it? Will they really help us solve the health issue they promise to address?

I also love figuring out how to cook foods that don’t taste so great, taste better - even delicious. Think Brussel Sprouts or kale. I didn’t eat Brussel Sprouts for a very long time. And then I started getting them in my veggie box deliveries. I couldn't just throw them away! So, I found a way of cooking them that has made me a fan of this bitter vegetable. (Hint: olive oil, salt, pepper and some chilli flakes work like magic.)


The Ever-Changing Field of Health and Healthy Food

Twenty two years is a long time to be doing the same thing. But health, and what is considered to be healthy food, is a continuously changing field of expertise. 

Recommended dietary practises have changed in the last twenty years. The days of planning low fat diets are gone. In their place we are working with the wonderfully delicious and nutritious Mediterranean Dietary Guidelines. It is a way of eating that can be embraced by almost anybody. The health benefits of olive oil, whole grains and plenty of fresh, brightly coloured fruit and vegetables simply cannot be denied. 

The people that are coming into my practice today have different needs than those I saw when I first started out in the business of giving health advice. These days people have online search engines at their fingertips. They can look up the latest diet craze as soon as the thought appears in their mind.

Instead of being the person to give the information, I am the information filter. People have read blog articles about a million different healthy foods and dietary practises. In an effort to educate themselves, they have ended up completely confused about what is truly healthy and the advice that is best ignored.

Freelance Health Writer

I think it is fantastic that everyone has a voice that can be heard by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people around the world. The problem is that many of those voices lack the health education and experience of those who have a professional qualification. And those who are healthcare professionals are too busy to add their voices to the burgeoning amount of online health content.

With my two decades working as a private practice dietitian and consulting to the food service industry and corporate wellness, I feel that it is time for me to add my voice to the online health content arena. I could do that with my own blog, and I will over time, but I want to help people like you: 
  • People who have the loudest voices.
  • People who have the biggest influence.
  • People who crave credibility in the healthy food space.


I want to share my health knowledge, experience and expertise with you. My goal is to help your healthy food blog be the one that people turn to when they are looking for recipes or advice. My wish for you is to make your audience believe that you are a healthy food expert.
I am thrilled that I have found my next big calling and that it puts me in the position to help you, the healthy food blogger. 

3 Reasons To Get Expert Advice For Your Healthy Food Blog

  1. Make use of my real world insights into what people are looking for to meet their health needs and desires.
  2. I have the scientific background that you can use to boost your credibility score with your followers.
  3. Let me translate all of the sciency stuff into easy-to-understand information that everyone can understand.
Bonus reason: I love working with people and their ideas to develop health content that is as valuable to you as it is to your followers.

Get in touch with me and find out how I can elevate your healthy food blog so that it is the go-to source of information for anyone looking for advice on healthy food.
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