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Freelance Health And Medical Writing Services

Freelance Health Writer

Writing about health, nutrition and medical conditions has been part of my day-to-day work for the last two decades. Becoming a Freelance Health and Medical Writer came naturally when the world of COVID lockdowns made it necessary to look for alternative income streams. Up until then I knew I wanted to work in the online space, creating reputable health content, but I wasn't sure how to make that happen.

I signed up as a freelance writer on UpWork a few years ago, but never did anything with it. In April 2021 I took the leap. I fleshed out my profile and put myself forward for four jobs. I landed three out of the four freelance health writing jobs I applied for and I hit the ground running! I am still working for two of those clients and they have introduced me to more with some fabulous recommendations:

Wendy is a Registered Dietician who has been writing with us for nearly one year now. She's an amazing writer, dedicated to her work, well researched and a great asset to the close team we have. ~ Anita T.

One thing lead to another, and now I am telling people that I am a Freelance Health Writer and Dietitian.

Drop me and email to discuss your needs. Some of the things I am available for are:
  • Blog articles
  • Emails
  • Website content
  • Short eBooks
  • Product labels
  • eCommerce product descriptions
  • And more!

I love a challenge! If your requirements are not listed here, send me an email and we can chat about how to get your message out there.

Online Health And Nutrition Content Backed By Science

In the last five to ten years I have seen a trend in the people who consult with me about their diet, nutrition and wellbeing: They are all well informed about their condition and how to manage it. They have spent hours online researching diets or their health condition. But they are not sure if what they have read is scientifically accurate.

Thanks to Google and smart phones putting the internet at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to access information about your health and nutrition. The problem is almost everyone I see feels confused and overwhelmed by the information they have found.

Everyone sharing health and nutrition content online has an opinion. But not everyone is responsible about what they share. A treatment that seems to make sense may not be backed by credible scientific evidence. A weight loss diet that your friends are raving about may do more harm than good.

Freelance Health Writing Services For Your Brand

As a freelance health and medical writer, my goal is to make it possible for you and your brand to become a credible source of science-backed health and nutrition information. I will do the research for you and translate the scientific jargon into engaging content that everyone can understand.